Addressing & Preventing Clogs & Backups with Proper Drain Cleaning

One extremely common  plumbing issue  is the problem of a clogged drain. When a drain is clogged with food, grease, hair, soap, or any other type of buildup, it can create back-ups that are not only inconvenient but also potentially harmful for your pipes. 

If you notice that your water is not draining as quickly or smoothly as it should, you should have a professional plumber inspect the problem immediately! At Allred's Plumbing, we unclog and clean drains — for emergencies, as well as for ongoing maintenance. 

We clear and clean all types of drains:

  • Bathroom sink drains 
  • Shower and bathtub drains 
  • Toilet drains 
  • Kitchen sink drains 
  • Floor drains 

If your drain is clogged don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can assess the problem, clear and clean the drain, and educate you on how to keep your drains clear in the future. Give us a CALL  today! 

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